Wi-Fi certification assures customers of your commitment to the highest standards.

At SGS’s Wireless Test Lab, a Wi-Fi Alliance accredited testing facility we have a highly trained and qualified technical staff operating our complete and up-to-date test bed equipment.

Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity allows people to connect to the Internet without wires and is several times faster than the fastest cable modem connection. Wi-Fi networks use radio technologies called IEEE 802.11a, 802.11b or 802.11g to provide secure, reliable, fast wireless connectivity. These can be used to connect computers to each other, to the Internet, and to wire networks (which use IEEE 802.3 or Ethernet).

Networks operate in the unlicensed 2.4 and 5 GHz radio bands, with an 11 Mbps (802.11b) or 54 Mbps (802...


If you want to sell telecommunications products and services in today’s competitive marketplace, implementing the TL 9000 standard will differentiate your organization from your competitors.

In an industry characterized by short product lifecycles and high safety and quality expectations, you can use the telecommunications quality assurance standard, TL 9000 certification, to your advantage.

The internationally recognized TL 9000 telecommunication standard defines the quality management system requirements for design, development, production, delivery, installation and maintenance of both telecommunications products and services...


Meet the requirements of GSM mobile network operators in North America (and certain countries/carriers in Latin and South America) with testing against the PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) standards from SGS.

The PTCRB is a global organization created by mobile network operators to provide an independent evaluation process to device manufacturers for GSM/UMTS Type Certification. It authorizes third party laboratories, Primary Labs, to conduct their GSM testing regime.

To help you achieve PTCRB certification our global network of wireless testing facilities hold primary lab status. Choose SGS as your third party certification supplier and we will conduct all the required testing, to GSM standards, and submit the documentation to the PTCRB’s certification database...


Over the air antenna (OTA) testing is a key element of product development for all mobile devices and required by both industry and carrier standards.

What is OTA?

OTA – over the air – refers to antenna testing in a fully anechoic chamber. It measures TRP and TIS for a wireless device (total radiated power and total isotrophic sensitivity).

SGS’s competence centers for wireless telecommunication testing can conduct OTA certification testing and have several different antenna chambers available, with 24-hour support. Our wireless telecommunications experts understand both industry and carrier requirements and we are approved/certified to run the OTA requirements for many of the major carriers in the US and worldwide.

OTA certification testing ensures accurate, repeatable, and unifor...


Equip your mobile devices with the technology to make life easier. Near Field Communication (NFC) technology enables fast and effective contactless payment, seamless Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connections as well as simple data transfer between devices.

SGS’s wireless laboratories are equipped and accredited for NFC Forum certification enabling you to demonstrate that your devices conform to the NFC Forum’s published specifications. The benefits of certification include:

  • Listing for your device on the NFC Forum’s certified product register
  • Assurance that your device will interoperate with other NFC Forum certified devices
  • Credibility for your device and an incentive for other companies to put applications on it
  • Showing the NFC Forum N-Mark on your device to indicate the touchpoint to tr...


Demonstrate the interoperability of devices with Global Certification Forum (GCF) device certification from SGS.

GCF certification subjects new GSM devices to a common set of industry agreed tests. Certification not only increases device-network interoperability but also reduces acceptance testing overheads for individual operators.

With a global network of GSM testing laboratories we offer a broad range of services to ensure your products meet the needs of network operators, including:

  • First Touch Test Service
  • GSM Laboratories
  • Testing Capabilities for GSM & GPRS protocol
  • Testing Capabilities for UMTS/UMTS & GSM handover protocol
  • Testing Capabilities for GSM/GPRS/EGPRS/AMR protocol
  • Audio
  • Application Enablers Testing (for GSM and 3G devices)

Benefit from reduced time-to-market and avoid ...


Achieving SGS EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) certification will make the task of applying for the various regional certification marks, or obtaining approval in specific markets, simple and efficient.

Our EMC mark demonstrates to your clients that your products meet the European EMC requirements.

Global markets are becoming increasingly regulated. Implementing an EMC testing and certification program tailored to your business needs will ensure your access to markets at the earliest opportunity.

The SGS EMC mark lays the groundwork for you to achieve certification against regional requirements. Our laboratories offer you access to other EMC-related marks around the world:

  • CE Marking (EU EMC Directive Testing)
  • CB EMC Certificate
  • Pan-European CCA EMC
  • China Compulsory Certificatio...


CCF (CDMA Certification Forum) is an international non-profit partnership between CDMA operators and CDMA device vendors to establish and maintain a core global device certification process. SGS is both a member and an Affiliated Test Facility (ATF).

CCF benefits the digital wireless technology industry through its work to improve quality through consistent network interoperability, product conformance and essential performance testing dictated by international standards bodies across the globe. It offers the core device certification specifications that other existing certification programs can build upon to satisfy market, operator and device specific processes.

Our expertise and first class facilities for wireless testing mean we can help service providers, device manufacturers, test e...


The benchmark in short range wireless connection, Bluetooth® offers users the convenience of cable free connections. It simplifies the discovery and setup of services between devices.

At SGS we carry out Bluetooth testing on the broadest range of products and technologies, to ensure that your products comply with all relevant standards. Accredited by the SIG (Special Interest Group) we can test your product and award Bluetooth certification.

In general there are three product certification requirements that apply to Bluetooth products – radio type approval, EMC certification and safety certification. Our wireless telecommunication experts can advise you on the Bluetooth requirements of your market.

Our Bluetooth qualification services:

  • Bluetooth R&TTE qualification
  • Bluetooth products ...


As a competitive business you will be consistently striving to provide the highest quality services and products for your target audience.

It is essential, in order to participate in global supply chains and national or international trade that your products, systems or services comply with applicable regulations and standards. Without the correct compliance, your market access is severely compromised.

Our certification services will help you to incorporate critical construction criteria and compliance requirements from the design stage to the end of the life-cycle. We can identify regulations and standards for each product, service and target market, and then test and inspect at various stages of production and manufacture to ensure that you are compliant...